OK Brion defeats GEN 2:0 in a true Yujong upset

OK Savings Bank Brion ended the season on a high note, with a 2:0 victory over 16-1 Genji in the final match of the second round of the regular season of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split at Jonggak Roll Park on Friday. Today, OK Savings Bank Brion got the best out of all five of its players, with all of them playing their best.

In game one, after taking the rumble jungle, ‘Peanut’ put some pressure on the bottom and then focused on growth again. The battle opened up in the bottom lane and joined the mid lane and jungle for a big engagement, which resulted in more kills for OK Savings Bank Bronze.

OK Savings Bank Brion utilized their Herald in the mid lane to cleanly take out Chobi’s Jace, who had no blinks, but Genji kept his dragon alive to build up two stacks. Unable to give up the next dragon, OK Savings Bank Brion won the next dragon kill to cut off Genji’s dragon, followed by a bottom dive from Tristana on Charis to take out Chobi’s Jace.

Knowing that Peanut’s Rumble couldn’t utilize Blink, he attempted a bold Baron hunt to get the Baron and take the side initiative. Genji, however, used his best judgment and built up three stacks of dragons to set up his late game 메이저놀이터.

However, there was still some power differential, and OK Savings Bank Brion was able to take down his opponent in the mid lane and advance to Genji’s nexus to take the first game.

In the second game, OK Savings Bank Brion had Morgan’s Renekton on the top lane, fully engaging Doran’s Atrox. Of course, Genji was quick to join in and even things up, with ‘Chobi’ Tristana picking up a kill in the bottom battle.

As the game remained tense, OK Savings Bank’s Brion showed his mettle by winning the mid gank against Genji. Genji then grabbed Cogmo on ‘Henna’ and attempted a baron hunt, which Brion won with a 4:5 hanha thanks to a huge performance from Renekton and Lilia on ‘Mumty’.

With the Baron kill in hand, Brion continued to play confidently, building up to three stacks of dragons. At the 29-minute mark, Brion was more than 7,000 global gold ahead. Instead of giving his opponent time, Brion played more aggressively and believed in himself, handing Zenji his second loss of the season after only one loss in Summer.

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