Online casinos are profitable!? How to earn money efficiently

Online casinos are safe if you use a place that has acquired the appropriate overseas license and is operating in a sound manner.

As long as online casinos are gambling, you win or lose.

Japan is a gambling powerhouse, with pachislot machines, horse racing, bicycle racing, boat racing, and even lottery tickets.

Since there are so many types, isn’t it necessary to use an online casino separately? You may think that, but the number of online casino users is increasing at a tremendous speed.

Of course, there is also the convenient aspect of being able to play casually on your smartphone 24 hours a day, regardless of location, but the main reason is that “ online casinos can earn money”.

Of course, the sound that gambling can make money is not the purpose of deceiving players with fraud? You may think, but you can see it from numbers.

The reason why online casinos are profitable is because of the high return rate

Online casinos are said to be profitable because unlike other gambling, the return rate (RTP) is overwhelmingly high.

■ What is the return rate? It is an important indicator that it is said that it is easy to win ≒ high return rate. In the case of pachinko and horse racing, it is said that it is around 75 to 80% at maximum, and it is calculated that about 20% will be lost.

Of course, gambling is also influenced by efforts such as personal information gathering and luck at the time, but it is very easy to use as an indicator because it is divided by the average value of all participants.

Specifically, the return rate of online casinos is said to be 90% to 97%.

gambling namereturn rate
online casinoAbout 90% to 97%
Pachinko/PachislotAbout 80% to 90%
horse racingAbout 40% to 75%
boat racingAbout 40% to 75%
Lottery/LottoAbout 40% to 50%

You can see that it is overwhelmingly higher than gambling in Japan.

Why is the return rate so high?

Why are online casinos so overwhelmingly expensive? Are you faking the numbers? You may think so, but that is never the case.

Some online casinos publish all their data.

This high return rate is due to the ability to reduce operating costs.

Online casinos do not have physical stores. Unlike pachinko and horse racing, the cost of places and staff is not so high.

In addition, since it is online, it is possible to operate 24 hours a day, and the operational efficiency is very high compared to other gambling. In particular, it can be said that it is easy to manage from the management side that fixed costs such as land and labor costs can be suppressed as much as possible.

In other words, since we can reduce operating costs, we can return more to players, so we can operate more stably and create a cycle in which the number of players increases.

It is the exact opposite of the pachislot shops in Japan in recent years.

how to make money at online casino

Online casinos have a high return rate, so I found that it is “easy to earn” compared to Japanese gambling.

However, it is just that it is easy to earn money, and by knowing how to earn money, you can attract more chances of winning.

If the reduction rate is high, let’s know how to get more reduction!

Find a game that you can easily win

At online casinos, there are games that are easy to win depending on the playing style of the person. What kind of games are suitable for me? Finding it is also important.

i love slots! However, when I actually played it, I found that live casino baccarat suited me, so let’s enjoy all the casino games first!

  • Slots have jackpots and luck elements
  • Baccarat boasts a high payout rate of 99%
  • Poker results change depending on the player’s ability!
  • Blackjack can greatly increase the winning rate by knowing the strategy

Even if you say “online casino games”, the contents are diverse. Also, most of the casino games are simple as games, so it is not that difficult to master the rules themselves.

If the rules were difficult, it wouldn’t spread all over the world.

Games that are not well known in Japan are often simple games, so by all means, enjoy playing while looking for a game that suits you!

know how to bet

It is important to know how to bet when making money at an online casino. Instead of betting blindly, calculate how you can get a better return.

For that, you need to understand the betting system.

There are various things in the world.

Some are as simple as the Martingale system, some are blackjack counting, and some are basic strategies. For example, the Martingale method is an investment method that allows you to recover the lost amount at once with one loss even if you lose in a row, and it is a method that anyone can easily start right now, and a method that is used by top professionals such as counting. And so on.

If you want to know more about each strategy, please click here.

・Click here if you want to know about the martingale system

・Click here if you want to know about counting

・If you want to know about Basic Strategy, click here .

There are various other strategies, and by finding a betting method that suits you using a betting method that matches the game, you can significantly increase your winning rate at online casinos.

Take advantage of promotions and bonuses

Although not found in gambling in Japan, there are many promotions such as free spins and bonuses at online casinos.

Japanese pachislot machines do not have such bonuses. Get free spins when you visit! I can’t do that.

However, in the case of online casinos, there are many benefits for players, such as first deposit bonuses, weekend deposits, cashbacks and free spins.

First deposit bonuses are basically available at all online casinos, and are quite profitable for those who use the site for the first time.

Therefore, instead of using one site, players can play with bonuses by using multiple online casinos.

Let’s use Vera & John Casino first, then use the live casino house , and then use the casino trip .

In addition to the initial deposit, it is important to play in a strategically advantageous and profitable situation by placing a large bet on a large event (anniversary, tournament, etc.) in a sudden event.

All the sites introduced in “Oncaji Town” are licensed sites that are said to be difficult to obtain licenses, so you can use them with confidence.

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