Only 6 points from 14th to 20th place, EPL chaotic relegation fight

While the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-2023 season has passed the middle of the race, the competition for the lower ranks is as fierce as the competition for the lead. From the beginning of this season, the manager replacement due to poor performance has also been reduced. Less than three months after the start of the new season in August, starting with Bournemouth manager Scott Parker, Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel, Wolverhampton’s Bruno Raz and Aston Villa’s Steven Gerrard left the team in turn. It was a quick decision aimed at the rebound effect of replacing the manager in order to cut off the sluggish flow.

Even after that, Southampton parted ways with manager Ralph Hasenhuttl, and Everton also terminated the contract with Frank Lampard. Leeds United, in 17th place, having played one game less than other teams, also sacked coach Jesse Marsh on the 7th.

As of the 7th, the difference in points between the 7 teams from the bottom 20th to 14th is only 6 points. At the point of turning the league halfway point, the difference between each team is only 1-2 points, predicting a close match for the rest of the season. 바카라

The ranking fluctuates according to the results of each round. In the last 22 rounds, the two teams that caught the strong team rebounded. Everton overcame a big hurdle by winning 1-0 in the match against leader Arsenal held at home on the 4th. Coach Sean Daichi, who led the team after Lampard, succeeded in breaking the frustrating flow of the team, which had not won in eight games in his debut match. Wolverhampton, who succeeded in reversing the atmosphere under coach Julen Lopetegui, also won 3-0 in their home game against Liverpool on the 5th. And Leicester City also beat mid-table Aston Villa 4-2, and West Ham recently drew 1-1 with Newcastle United, who are on a steep rise.

At the same time, the competition for the lower ranks has become tighter. The Maginot Line in the Premier League remains 17th. With a good flow, any team can escape the relegation zone. Nottingham Forest, which once fell to the bottom, also jumped to 13th place (24 points) by beating Leeds 1-0 in the last game and rose to the realm of stability.

For teams in the relegation zone, every game is a struggle. The next schedule is not easy either. After passing Arsenal, Everton will face Liverpool straight away. Leeds will play consecutive home and away matches against third-placed Manchester United on the 9th and 12th. Other lower-tier teams, such as West Ham Chelsea, Leicester City Tottenham and Bournemouth Newcastle, also face the league’s strong teams. Wolverhampton, who met the bad news that Hwang Hee-chan, who was trusted by Lopetegui, missed due to a hamstring injury, is looking forward to getting out of the relegation competition by winning against Southampton at the bottom.

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