Park Hyun-sung, the first Korean UFC flyweight fighter

It was the moment when the first Korean UFC flyweight fighter was born.

Park Hyeon-seong (27, Kim Kyung-pyo) won the 3rd round submission victory against Choi Seung-guk (26, Korean Zombie MMA). Park Hyeon-seong is the first Korean to enter the UFC flyweight division.

Park Hyun-sung and Choi Seung-guk competed in the ‘Road to UFC’ flyweight final at the ‘UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivak’ held at UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 5th (Korean time).

As the first Korean vs. Korean match was held on the UFC stage, it received a lot of attention even before the match. Of course, there were no concessions. A fierce battle of nerves unfolded when they met on a single bridge with a ticket to the UFC.

Choi Seung-guk, a ‘disciple of Jeong Chan-sung’, said, “I always prepare a strategy tailored to Chan-sung’s opponent. On the ground, I think I have an advantage over Park Hyeon-seong.” Alluded to a grappling fight.

‘Former Double G FC Flyweight Champion’ Park Hyeon-seong said, “I will show that I am stronger by winning. Doing what I do best is the way to beat my opponent,” he said. “I will show my most confident batting and wrestling skills.”

Prior to the match, Choi Seung-guk said, “I am concentrating only on the game with the thought that I will fight to the best of my ability because it is my job to fight no matter who the opponent is.”

Park Hyeon-seong said, “I feel very comfortable playing against Choi Seung-guk. (Choi Seung-guk) expressed his confidence, saying, “I will win anyway, whether I do well or not.” The two Korean fighters only think about winning. 온라인바카라

After the game started, Choi Seung-guk and Park Hyeon-seong engaged in a fierce search battle. Jeong Chan-seong ordered Choi Seung-guk outside the cage, “Do it slowly.” Choi Seung-guk did not rush into it and kept his composure. Park Hyeon-seong consistently landed effective hits with a calf kick. In the first round, Park Hyeon-seong was slightly ahead with 22-13 in overall strikes and 14-13 in critical strikes.

In response to Park Hyeon-sung’s attack, Choi Seung-guk counterattacked by throwing his back hand. Choi Seung-guk showed an increasingly urgent appearance. They had a slugfest, but Park Hyeon-seong was a bit faster, and Park Hyeon-seong gradually took the rhythm and led the game. After the second round, Jeong Chan-seong said to Choi Seung-guk, “You can do as you normally would. focus on the opponent From now on, it is mental strength,” he emphasized.

Park Hyeon-seong took advantage of Choi Seung-guk’s exhaustion and constantly pressed him. He grabbed Choi Seung-guk’s back position and hung on, and without missing a chance, won the submission with a rear naked choke in 3 minutes and 11 seconds of the 3rd round.

In an interview right after the game, Park Hyeon-seong said, “It was difficult to adapt to the time difference in the United States.” In the third round, I felt that my opponent was having a harder time than me.”

With this, Hyun-Sung Park obtained an official UFC contract. He was also impressed in terms of performance. This is why we need to pay attention to Park Hyun-sung’s future moves.

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