Parthi’s rib injury fortunately ‘not serious’

Arsenal are relieved. This is because the result was that midfielder Thomas Parti’s injury was ‘not serious’.

The news is that Parti, who recently suffered a rib injury, is not in bad shape.


Parti was replaced with an injury in the second half of the FA Cup match against Manchester City on the 28th (Korean time). Parthi continued to touch his side, complaining of pain, and it was confirmed that there was something wrong.

Coach Mikel Arteta, who replaced Parti, explained the reason for the replacement, saying, “He felt something. He couldn’t keep playing because he didn’t want to take any risks. He felt uncomfortable, but it was getting worse.”

Arsenal, who decided to undergo an MRI scan, are still waiting for the results. The British reported that the injury was not as serious as when it was first confirmed.

Parti is expected to safely return to Goodison Park, where the next match will be held. Arsenal, which is about to face off with Everton, is currently in first place in the Premier League, and Everton is aiming for victory with new manager Sean Dyche taking the helm.

As it will obviously be a tricky game, the absence of key midfielder Parti could have brought about a crisis.

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