Precautions when using online casinos

If you are thinking of starting an online casino, I think you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using it first.

If you want to know more about the attractions and benefits of online casinos, click here.

The more you know, the more you will find it more attractive and attractive than gambling in Japan.

However, I would like to introduce not only the merits but also the points to be careful about.

Beware of suspicious sites

While Japan is highly rated by the world as a safe country, it is said that the awareness of crisis management is low. Therefore, it is said that Japanese people are often targeted overseas.

Online casinos are also operated overseas, and there are thousands of sites around the world, so some of them are operated by unscrupulous traders.

I will list some characteristics of unscrupulous traders.

Japanese display is suspicious

There are many online casinos that are targeting the Japanese market, but you need to be careful of sites with suspicious Japanese.

Beware of sites that contain words mixed with Chinese or that contain strange Japanese sentences.

bad reviews

Gather information before using various sites.

Check out review sites and don’t use places that have a bad reputation.

However, online casinos are licensed.

You can rest assured if you use a place that has a strict license.

In addition, online casinos in the Japanese market have fewer users than in the rest of the world.

In spite of that, companies that are developing for the Japanese market have a lot of funds, and there is no need to worry about companies that employ Japanese staff to provide support.

Also, please be assured that the online casinos introduced on this platform are introduced only after passing strict standards.

Deposits and withdrawals are difficult and ID must be presented when withdrawing money

Deposits and withdrawals are the only thing that bothers me when using online casinos.

Any online casino should basically be used for online payment services.

Once you make a deposit to an online payment service from a credit card, etc., it will be deposited to an online casino from there.

In some cases, it is possible to deposit directly from a credit card, but in some cases it may be rejected due to an error, so register with an online payment service, deposit once, and then transfer money to the online casino. need to do it.

It is necessary to sandwich the online payment service.

If you get used to it, you can do it with just a click, but it is troublesome until you get used to it and the first registration.

Online payment services are not yet widespread in Japan.

Therefore, some people do not understand before using it and quit on the way.

However, it is only the first that is troublesome.

Don’t panic, go one by one, complete the registration, and once you make a deposit in the online casino, you can use it smoothly. Ask questions in chat.

Also, if you really want to withdraw money, it will take time because it will be withdrawn from overseas.

Depending on the site, withdraw with a maximum of 2-3 days to spare, and let’s play with surplus funds.

In addition, the number of sites that introduce payment services using virtual currencies (crypto assets) such as Bitcoin, which has been attracting attention in recent years, is increasing, and it can be said that the speed of withdrawals in Bitcoin has increased dramatically.

However, in order to purchase bitcoin, you still have to register with a virtual currency exchange, and you have to be careful not to lose it when withdrawing money, so from an unfamiliar person’s point of view, It’s hard.

If you get used to it, there is no problem at all, but you will be nervous until you get used to it.

You may feel it in the neck at first.

Also, when withdrawing money, you need to show your ID, and you need to do not just one, but two.

One is “presentation of ID” and the other is “residence proof”

One form of identification, such as a driver’s license/passport. The residence proof phase is one from “electricity / gas / water / credit card statement” etc. of public utility charges.

Also, the date must be within 3 months.

Any online casino should present both from a security point of view.

It is also required when registering for the online payment service, so it is more efficient to submit it at the online casino when you register for the online payment service, so prepare it in advance.

tax will occur

One thing to keep in mind when playing online casinos is that taxes will be charged.

Do I have to pay for gambling? You may think that, but gambling in Japan is basically taxed.

But I’ve never heard of anyone paying taxes on gambling! You might think so, but that’s because it won’t be recorded.

All gambling in Japan is handed over in cash.

It will not be recorded.

However, in the case of online casinos, the money is finally transferred to the bank.

Therefore, since the transaction remains with the bank, you have to pay tax if the profit increases.

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