PSG’s Lee Kang-in gets a huge salary + bonus!

Lee Kang-in is about to get paid a lot of money 토토사이트.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Lee Kang-in is on the verge of a move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). He has already completed his medical and is expected to join PSG’s squad in June for an A-match. Some media outlets are reporting that Lee’s move to PSG is 99.9% complete.

Lee will make a lot of money going to PSG. First, his transfer fee is expected to be 22 million euros (about 30 billion won). This is lower than the buyout clause of €25 million, but it’s still a lot of money.

The surprise here is that Real Mallorca will only receive 70% of Lee’s transfer fee. There’s a special clause that allows them to keep the remaining 30%. This clause was included in his transfer from Valencia to Real Mallorca in exchange for a lower salary. His agent will receive 30% of the money. In simple terms, that”s 9 billion won.

Lee”s salary will also increase significantly. Currently, Lee is reportedly earning €500,000 (approximately $690 million) a year in Mallorca. That’s a pretty paltry sum considering his performances and player value. At PSG, he will earn €4 million a year.

Money aside, a move to PSG would be a huge boost. PSG is a championship contender every season and competes in the UEFA Champions League. Local media is reporting that Lee has been guaranteed a spot in the first team. A move to PSG would be a great deal of money and experience.

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