Ram on the rise, 4 wins in the last 6 matches, including 2 wins in 2 matches on the PGA Tour this year

On the 23rd (Korean time), in the final round of the American Express Tour of the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, Ram beat Davis Thompson (USA) by one stroke and won the championship.

After conquering the Sentry Tournament of Champions on the 9th, he added a trophy in two weeks.

It is his ninth victory on the PGA Tour, but what stands out is the fact that Ram’s performance has been exceptionally hot since last fall.

After winning the PGA Tour Mexico Open in May of last year, Rahm did not report his victory during the summer.

However, when he won the DP World Tour Spain Open held in his home country in October last year, Ram’s performance began to heat up.

Last December, he reached the top of the Tour Championship on the final day of the DP World Tour season. He easily surpassed world No. 1 Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland).

In his first tournament after the new year, the Sentry Tournament of Champions, he ousted all the top star players. 토토사이트

He exclaimed, “My performance is now number one in the world.”

At the American Express, which skipped the Sony Open, he took the lead all four days.

In the fourth round, he had the bad luck of putting five holes and coming back, but he overcame it.

He put in a tricky par putt at a distance of 2m on the 14th hole (par 4), where he was the co-leader, and succeeded in putting a 2m birdie putt on the 16th hole (par 5), rising to the sole lead by one stroke.

In the 17th hole (par 3), Thompson’s birdie putt hit the flagpole and came out in a chilling moment, but he kept the 1 stroke to the end.

“The 16th hole was the battleground,” Lam said.

Ram has won four of the six PGA Tour and DP World Tour events he has recently participated in. The other two were a tie for fourth and a tie for eighth.

He also placed in the top 10 for seven consecutive PGA Tour and DP World Tour events in which he recently participated.

He won both tournaments this year.

“The Sentry Tournament of Champions and the course on which this tournament was played are completely different, but the low stroke is the same anyway,” he said.

Rahm is the third player to win two wins in January on the PGA Tour since 2000, following Ernie Els (South Africa) in 2003 and Justin Thomas (USA) in 2017.

Unfortunately, however, he delayed recapturing the world ranking.

With this victory, Ram only jumped one notch from 4th to 3rd in the world rankings.

However, the gap between McIlroy in first place and Scotty Scheffler (USA) in second place narrowed to a piece of paper.

Rahm’s rising trend is poised to shake up the world men’s golf game.

He showed confidence, saying, “The condition is very good, and the swing feeling is also very good. Didn’t you see it this time?

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