‘Rat poop’ in the relay booth… Too old home stadium → Oakland, moving to Las Vegas?

스포츠토토 Major League Baseball (MLB) Oakland Athletics is expected to relocate its hometown to Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, which is well-known as a gambling and tourism city.

American media, including the Associated Press, reported on the 20th (Korean time) that the Oakland club had signed a land purchase contract for the construction of a new baseball field in Las Vegas. 스포츠토토

While the current home stadium’Oakland Coliseum’ rental contract ends in 2024, Oakland has been thinking about a new ballpark and hometown. As it was impossible to build a new stadium in the Bay Area, California, it showed interest in the Las Vegas Strip area, where hotels and casinos are located. The club completed a contract to purchase 49 acres (approximately 198,296 square meters) of land near the area last week.

The Auckland club has concluded an agreement with Red Rock Resorts, a large resort company. We are planning a retractable dome stadium with 30,000 to 35,000 seats. They hope to use the new stadium from 2027.

After the club was founded as the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901, it moved to Kansas City in 1955. The year they settled in Auckland was 1968, and if the relocation to the hometown is finalized, the team name is expected to change naturally.

Auckland has been using the Auckland Coliseum as its home stadium for over 50 years, but the need for a new stadium has been constantly raised in the outdated facility.

Recently, a New York Mets relay team on an away road to Oakland moved to a temporary booth due to the stench of rat excrement. The environment of the temporary booth obscured by the foul pole was also not good.

Auckland was not unaware of this situation, but Auckland reacted negatively to the new stadium construction due to financial difficulties. In the end, after the MLB Secretariat approved the relocation of Oakland in 2021, the club also actively moved.

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