Recruiting Danbi Kim, which was the last puzzle, was the best choice!

Kim Dan-bi (33) won the away game against Busan BNK Some in the ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball’ held at the Sajik Gymnasium on the 13th with a 76-52 victory and Asan Woori Bank, who won the 14th regular league championship, ascended to the top. It was the last puzzle for Woori Bank, which already has a solid organizational power, has been reborn as a perfect team thanks to the addition of a solver who will increase their scoring power.

Danbi Kim is one of the best stars in women’s professional basketball. From the 2007-2008 season, her debut season, to the 2021-2022 season, she flew at Incheon Shinhan Bank for 15 seasons. Since the 2010-2011 season, she has consistently posted double-digit scoring averages and established herself as the league’s leading scorer. No wonder she was voted ‘the number one most anticipated transfer player’ by fans, fellow players and the media prior to the start of this season.

Danbi Kim played in all 25 games for her team this season and played an average of 33 minutes and 53 seconds, averaging 18.48 points, 9.16 rebounds and 6.4 assists. Her points, rebounds, and assists all showed tremendous dominance by ranking first on the team. Not only that, but she quickly melted into the organized defense of Woori Bank, making her team even stronger. His words, “I will not be pushed back by anyone in a physical fight,” were by no means false. Woori Bank’s average run rate this season is 59.6 points, the only one of the six clubs to score less than 60 points.

Kim Dan-bi is a player who is more confident in scoring than anyone else. But now, whenever a better opportunity opens up, he invariably seeks out companions. Compared to the days of Shinhan Bank, where he had to be the ‘main body’, he can put down the burden much more. Even if he digs under the goal, he actively seizes outside chances and increases the chances of scoring. This is because all of the ‘Best 5’ have excellent outside shooting skills.

Woori Bank manager Wi Seong-woo also fully trusts Kim Dan-bi. Even off the court, the power of the new family members, who worked hard to produce the best results by constantly talking with the existing members such as Kim Jong-un, Park Hye-jin, and Park Ji-hyun, was greater than expected.

Even in the match against BNK on the 13th, when the championship was confirmed, Danbi Kim’s presence was enormous. While recording a double-double of 14 points and 10 rebounds, he increased his chances of scoring by winning 4 offensive rebounds in the first half alone. He also helped Park Ji-hyun score with an amazing bounce pass right before the end of the first half. This score served as an opportunity for Woori Bank to change the flow of the seesaw game by widening the gap to 63-43 in the third quarter. 바카라

Even at the moment of winning the regular league, which I tasted in the second team of my career, Danbi Kim shone like this. The joy was greater because it was the first championship in 11 years since the 2011-2012 season, when he tasted the combined championship in the regular league and championship match as a member of Shinhan Bank.

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