Red Devils, Korea Football Association – direct hit to Chairman Chung Mong-gyu, ‘mobilize all methods such as A-match-K-League boycott’

Regarding the 100-man surprise amnesty, which is a disciplinary soccer punishment by the Korea Football Association, the soccer “Red Devils” demanded a full withdrawal. If the withdrawal is not accepted, various measures such as an A-match, a K-League boycott, and protests will be sought, he said.

On the 28th, the Korea Football Association held a board meeting at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and decided to pardon 100 soccer players who are being disciplined. Former and current players, coaches, referees, and group executives who were disciplined for various misconduct were included, and 48 people who were expelled for match-fixing in professional football in 2011 were also included. The Football Association does not disclose the minutes of the board of directors meeting and the persons subject to pardon.

However, regarding this amnesty, he said, “We have achieved achievements such as advancing to the World Cup 10 times in a row and advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar. I congratulated the brilliant achievements and contemplated the great integration of the football world at the time of a new start.” It reflected the opinions of the field that suggested this. It is also intended to give another chance to soccer players who are judged to have self-reflection for a long time and have sufficiently reflected on themselves.”

But opposition was brewing. The Red Devil immediately issued a statement. demanded a complete withdrawal. The Red Devils said, “Match-fixing and illegal gambling are the worst incidents that shook the foundation of Korean soccer and left a big stain on Korean soccer history.” act,” he criticized.

In addition, the Red Devils demanded a full withdrawal of the pardon, maintenance of disciplinary action, censure of the personnel proposed for the pardon, and an apology to the public. We will mobilize all possible measures to act.”

Below is a statement released by the Red Devils.

The Republic of Korea national football team supporters, the Red Devils, strongly oppose the amnesty plan for 100 non-violators, including 48 match-fixing criminals, which were suddenly decided by the Korea Football Association on March 28, 2023. “I am deeply aware that the match-fixing incident is something that should never happen, shaking the foundation of Korean football as well as the K -League, which

has been going on for 30 years.” This is part of the apology announced to the people and soccer fans by Chung Mong-gyu, president of the Korea Football Association, 12 years ago in May 2011, while he was president of the Professional Football Federation

Like this, match-fixing and illegal gambling are the worst incidents that shook the foundation of Korean soccer and left a big stain on Korean soccer history.

Aren’t they the current head of the association who know that Korean soccer fans and good soccer people have had a harder time than anyone else due to a series of events that have taken place?

The past 12 years of Korean football, where I cut out the rotten parts with the feeling of cutting my own flesh and carefully cared for the bitter wounds. On March 28th, the K League and Korean soccer, which had been growing steadily with the mind of building a tower of hard work, caused an act of destroying all the efforts of the past 12 years overnight by the heads of the Football Association under Chairman Mong-Gyu Chung.

Why is the World Cup round of 16 festival used as an indulgence for criminals? Apart from their punishment to be paid by law, their sins cannot be forgiven to soccer fans, so why would the head of an association, not an individual, try to forgive them! 먹튀검증

How can the joy of the junior players’ blood, sweat and tears be used as a tool for criminals to hide? By what right does the Football Association break down our lines and ethics that we have worked so hard to keep!

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Round of 16 myth was the efforts and achievements of all members of the Korean soccer team, but the Football Association disparaged our performance and damaged its value with yesterday’s wrong choice.

If we wanted to connect the venue of the festival to a venue of harmony, wouldn’t it be right to expand the scope of Korean soccer instead of just our own harmony?

▶ Ask the Football Association.

At a time when the international status of Korean football is hitting the ground with successive failures to attract international competitions and even falling down as a member of the FIFA Council, what kind of action is it to reopen the wounds that have been trying to heal, let alone turn to the world?

▶ Ask the Football Association.

What is the purpose of the surprise announcement two hours before the game when Klinsman is launched and needs to make a new leapfrog?

▶ Ask the Football Association.

What kind of common sense is this resolution to give criminals a chance in the keynote that previous suspension of disciplinary action was not accepted?

▷ Demand to the Football Association.

The Football Association immediately withdraws its pardon on March 28, 2023, and demands a sincere apology to the Korean soccer fans and the people along with the censure of the person who presented the pardon.

▷ Demand to the Football Association.

The Football Association demands strong measures to prevent the criminals or those with criminal records from returning to the football world in order to maintain the discipline of the 100 people and prevent such incidents and precedents.

◎Warning the Football Association.

If the amnesty is enforced, the Korean National Football Team Supporters Red Devils will act by mobilizing all possible measures, such as A-match boycotts, league game boycotts in connection with K-League club supporters, and protest rallies.

Please, the Korea Football Association, do not make the 12-year effort that we wanted to be confident in vain, and do not make it a shame for eternity. Do not make a big stain on the world soccer history as well as the Korean soccer history with wrong judgments and unreasonable choices.

And a request to all soccer fans in Korea. We ask for strong support from all Korean soccer fans to prevent the unacceptable selection of the Football Association that shakes the history and foundation of Korean soccer and the 40-year-old K-League.

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