Returning Damir “I know the nickname ‘Yuk-yuk’, Cheonan is worth aiming for promotion”

Cheonan City FC midfielder Damir has experience in the K-League. He played one season for Suwon Samsung in the 2017 season. He appeared in 21 games and had no offensive points. At the time, Damir’s shirt number was 66, and fans gave him the nickname ‘Yukyuk’. And after 6 seasons, he returns to the K-League with Cheonan.

Damir met with reporters at the Parev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 8th and said, “I returned to the K-League after 4 and a half years. Korean fans have never forgotten their love and support for a single day. Surprisingly, many people recognize me when I walk around Cheonan.” It was fun to hear. Only when he was in Suwon did he wear number 66, and in all other teams he wore number 10,” he laughed. Damir received number 10 instead of number 66 in Cheonan.

Damir is upping his fitness. He even joined the team late. He said, “If he prepares well through enough time, he can contribute to the team. He is getting his body in line for the opening game. I can show you a good look. The coach is pursuing aggressive football. We need to understand the coach’s words well and realize them on the ground.”

Division 1, where Damir played, and Division 2, where Cheonan belonged, are different. Damir said, “I know that part 1 and part 2 are different. However, he said, “If I get good grades, I think I will receive a lot of love again. I’d rather help than score because of my playing style. My goal is to always be at the top of the team. We are a new team, but nothing is impossible. I think it’s worth aiming for a promotion. Getting started is important. I hope many fans will come to the stadium,” he smiled. 온라인바카라

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