Ronaldo, ‘salary 7 million won’ sushi chef urgently… preparing for retirement at a mansion of 25.9 billion won

Cristiano Ronaldo (37, Al Nasr), who has been on the Asian stage, is preparing for life after retirement.

Ronaldo could not resist the lure of his oil money and experienced the Asian stage for the first time in his career. While it is likely that he will make his official debut wearing an Al Nasr uniform soon, many media outlets such as the British Daily Mail and The Sun reported on the 19th that “Ronaldo is struggling to hire a chef for his house in Ribeira, Portugal.” did.

According to the media, Ronaldo is working on plans after his retirement. He is building a £17m mansion for himself and his family to stay in. It is scheduled to be completed in June, but the problem is that it is having difficulty finding a full-time chef to cook here. Employees in other positions have already been filled.

There is a reason. The chef the Ronaldo family wants must be able to handle traditional Portuguese cuisine as well as menus such as sushi. It is known that there is even a dedicated kitchen in the mansion to prepare Japanese-only dishes.

헤라카지노 His salary alone is a whopping 4,500 pounds (about 7 million won), which translates to 82 million won in Korean currency. However, the media all shook their heads, saying that preparing meals for Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, and their five children was a headache.

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