‘Season 2023 Prize Money’ Ahn Se-young “I expected it…it’s a reward for hard work”

Now she’s comfortable on the microphone. Badminton’s “queen” Ahn Se-young, 21, brought good energy to the national team’s departure ceremony ahead of a big tournament with her witty remarks.

Ahn attended the Korea Badminton Association’s media day at the Champion House Auditorium at the Jincheon National Athletic Center in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, on April 16. Just 36 days before the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG). The media day for other sports organized by the KBA will be held on April 24, but badminton, which will be competing in the World Championships in Denmark at that time, held its own event a little earlier.

The star of the show was Ahn Se-young, who was crowned the world’s No. 1 women’s singles player on March 31. She has won seven gold medals at BWF events this season alone. After her most recent gold medal at the World Championships in Hangzhou AG.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I’m more excited and looking forward to it,” Ahn said of the international competition from the No. 1 position. 토토사이트

Ahn has finished in the top four in every event she has competed in this season. She has won three Super 1000 tournaments, the highest-paying event, including the Korea Open in March. According to the BWF, Ahn’s prize money through July totaled $428,480 (KRW 573,396). Men’s No. 1 Viktor Axelsen (DEN) earned $270,195 and No. 2 Akane Yamaguchi (JPN) earned $259,190.

When the topic of prize money came up at the media day, Ahn had a surprising reaction. “I was expecting to win the top prize,” she laughed, and then said, “I think I deserve that kind of reward for working so hard,” drawing laughter from the audience.

When asked, “How would you like to spend the money,” Ahn said, “Honestly, I don’t have time to spend money (for training). When the prize money comes in, it goes into my bank account.” “But I think I’ll save it and buy a lot of gifts (for myself) someday,” he said.

Until last year, Ahn felt overwhelmed by media interviews and other non-athletic activities. This year, she has become one of Korea’s leading sports stars, and communication is now a must. Ahn seems to be enjoying it. She is full of confidence and doesn’t hesitate to share her honest thoughts.

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