Seongnam City Hall, in the end, did not select an ice skating coach… “No final successful candidates” announced

The recruitment of a new leader for the ice team at Seongnam City Hall, which had been controversial, such as the application of short track Victor Ahn (37, Korean name Ahn Hyeon-soo) and the position of players such as Choi Min-jeong (25, Seongnam City Hall) regarding the hiring of coaches, was ultimately canceled.

On the 31st, Seongnam City Hall announced that there were no successful candidates for skating coaches through the ‘Announcement of Final Successful Candidates for Public Recruitment of Workplace Sports Team members (coaches, trainers)’. A city official said in a phone call with Star News that day, “Nothing has been decided yet about the future schedule.” As a result, the athletes from Seongnam City Hall, including Choi Min-jung, have no choice but to prepare for the tournament without a coach for the time being.

Previously, Seongnam City posted a recruitment notice to select a coach for the ice team, which had been vacant in December of last year, and it was known that Viktor Ahn, who had been naturalized as a Russian, applied, causing controversy over the appropriateness. Viktor Ahn was once active as a Korean short track skater, winning three gold medals at the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006, and naturalized as a Russian citizen in 2011. After his retirement, he coached the Chinese national team at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Controversy over biased judgments arose at the Beijing Games. 메이저사이트

In response to the news of his return to Korea, the Skating Instructors Federation issued a statement and said, “Victor Ahn gave up his Korean nationality and naturalized as a Russian citizen, and when there was controversy over betraying his country, he explained, ‘I knew dual citizenship would be possible.’ However, right before his naturalization, he received a lump sum pension The fact that he left was revealed later,” he said.

Viktor Ahn, who even went through an interview, was eliminated without making it to the final nomination. Unfortunately, shortly after the news of his elimination was reported, players such as Choi Min-jeong said, “I think the coach selection process should be fair and transparent above all else, not based on outside influence.” I think an excellent and communicative coach should come.”

As the controversy grew, Choi Min-jung posted an edit on the 31st, saying, “I am posting the statement I submitted to Seongnam City on January 9th on social media, so I apologize to the fans who support the short track first.” It seems too cautious and arrogant to make a statement saying that you want to be a coach, but the reason why you mustered up the courage is because of the recent articles and stories surrounding the appointment of a coach at Seongnam City Hall, the most important reason for a leader’s existence, virtues, are in the background and social issues It is because the players, who made up the majority, felt sorry for them,” he explained.

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