‘Shocking! Revelations of a Buddhist legend’…”Juventus players regularly took drugs!” Suddenly bigger and faster→Changes impossible with training

Paul Pogba’s (Juventus) drug case is heating up.

Pogba was included in the roster for the second leg of the Italian Serie A match against Udinese, and although he did not play, he was tested for doping after the match. He tested positive for testosterone.

“We would like to inform you that Pogba has been suspended by the National Anti-Doping Tribunal (NADO) following the results of a doping test carried out on August 20,” Juventus said in an official statement.

Pogba is pleading innocent, but local media outlets explained that he could face a suspension of two to four years if found guilty. This is a major crisis in Pogba’s career.

This is where the shocking “revelations” come in. Juventus players were regularly taking banned substances.

This revelation was made by Marcel Desa, one of the legends of the French national team. He was a member of France’s 1998 World Cup victory and Euro 2000 triumph. Desai played for AC Milan in the Italian Serie A for five years, from 1993 to 1998, and said that Juventus players were always under suspicion.

“My AC Milan teammates, including myself, thought Juventus players took drugs regularly,” he told Ireland’s Boyle Sports. We couldn’t help but suspect. The AC Milan players noticed how big the Juventus players suddenly became, how fast they suddenly became, and we had no choice but to suspect them of taking drugs,” he revealed.

“I can’t reveal the names of the players. There was a very fast and strong player. I realized that the player had completely changed in a short time compared to when he first came to Juventus. Everything had changed. It was a transformation that could not be done with training and hard work.”

“Whenever AC Milan played Juventus, I always felt that they had a physical advantage over us. They could be stronger. But when you see them attacking for 90 minutes, you start to have doubts.”

There were also some legal substances, such as creatine, which the Juventus players admitted to using illegally.

“There are legal drugs,” De Scai said. But beyond a certain amount, they are illegal. Juventus players used them cleverly, and I think that’s one of the things that made them so strong.” 먹튀검증

Finally, De Scai said, “Since I left AC Milan, I have never doubted that soccer players use banned substances.”

The outlet emphasized that De Scai’s comments were not a distraction from the Pogba situation. “De Scai’s comments were made in an interview a month before the Pogba saga broke,” the outlet said.

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