Son Heung-min transformed into ‘Express Joker’… Shake the opponent’s goal within 5 minutes

English Professional Football (EPL) Tottenham Korean striker striker Son Heung-min transformed into a ‘special joker’.

On the night of the 26th (hereinafter Korean time), Tottenham defeated Chelsea 2-0 in the 2022-23 EPL round 25 home game held at Tottenham Stadium in London, England.

On this day, Son Heung-min was replaced by Dejan Kulusevski in the 34th minute of the second half. He actively ran around the ground for 10 minutes and contributed to the team’s victory. He was involved in scoring just three minutes after being put into play. Heung-Min Son took a corner kick from the right, and Harry Kane calmly finished it with his right foot as Eric Dyer headed the ball.

Football London, a British media, gave Son Heung-min a score of 7, saying, “It wasn’t long after he was put in, but he connected it to Dyer’s head with a perfect corner kick, and the ball led to Kane’s goal.” Among the strikers, Kane scored the highest with 8 points, and Son Heung-min, Richarlison and Kulusevski each scored 7 points.

Son Heung-min started from the bench for two consecutive games. He also played as a substitute against West Ham on the 20th and led the team to victory. In the 22nd minute of the second half, Son Heung-min, who was substituted for Richarlison, scored the goal 4 minutes after stepping on the ground. Son Heung-min, who received the ball from Kane, shook the West Ham net with a right-footed shot. It was the 5th goal in the league, and it was a more meaningful goal as it was the first goal in 6 games. 메이저놀이터

Son Heung-min, who became the first Asian player to become the top scorer in the EPL last season, has recently been used as a joker to strengthen offense. On the 26th, head coach Christian Stellini said, “The players’ participation is related to their physical condition.” He went on to explain, “If one player is 100 percent fit and the other is 70 percent, we have to pick the player who is 100 percent.”

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