The first ‘white card’ in football history… Unlike yellow and red, it is used at this time

For the first time in football history, a ‘white card’ appeared.

According to the British Sports Bible on the 22nd (Korean time), the referee took out a ‘white card’ in the Portuguese women’s soccer league match between Sporting Lisbon and Benfica.

The situation was this. During a fierce game, an emergency occurred on the bench side where one of the players suffered a physical problem. Medical staff from both teams moved quickly for first aid and helped the treatment together. When the situation ended well, the referee showed a ‘white card’ to both teams. 먹튀검증

A white card is a compliment. It is common for the referee to show a yellow or red card when a player commits a violent foul. However, a white card can be shown to praise a club for playing fair. It was introduced to improve the value of sports ethics, but it has never been used in an actual game, and was used for the first time in this game.

The media explained, “The referee recognized the sports spirit of both Lisbon and Benfica teams and brought out a white card that had not been seen before.” Fans of Lisbon and Benfica, famous for their fierce rivalry, cheered and applauded both teams while briefly putting down their fighting spirit.

In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a long extra time was applied, attracting the attention of soccer fans. In the group stage match between England and Iran, a total of 27 minutes of extra time came out. This time, the ‘white card’ appeared for the first time and decorated a page in football history. Football is also changing little by little.

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