The last gift before leaving Wolverhampton is ‘remain’… Will it be a ‘win-win’ for both teams and players?

If Wolverhampton remains, the transfer of Hubeng Neves is expected to accelerate.

Neves is Wolverhampton’s iconic player. Neves, who transferred from Porto to Wolverhampton in 2017, has been used steadily since then, and has become a player who cannot be discussed except in Wolverhampton. Equipped with ball distribution, kicking power and leadership, he is also the captain of the team.

He is a player who has been constantly rumored to be transferred. From last winter’s transfer window to the summer transfer window, Neves was linked to Arsenal, and rumors of a transfer to Manchester United came out. However, Wolverhampton rejected both club offers and Neves stayed. Neves, who remained in Wolverhampton, is active as a key player this season, scoring 5 goals in 28 games and showing his scoring power.

In the last transfer market, Wolverhampton kept Neves, but it is not expected to be easy in the next transfer market. According to ’90min’, Neves’ agent Jorge Mendes has announced that Neves will leave Wolverhampton at the end of this season. Neves has been committed to Wolverhampton for a long time, and now plans to leave the new team.

Wolverhampton already know they can’t catch Neves. The British media ‘Telegraph’ said, “Wolverhampton is preparing for a future without captain Neves. Wolverhampton is ready to set him up to 40 million pounds (about 65.8 billion won).”

The media then revealed that if Neves keeps Wolverhampton in the Premier League this season, his transfer can be more justified. ‘Telegraph’ said, “If Wolverhampton stays in the Premier League this season, it will be the perfect time to say goodbye to Neves.”

Wolverhampton are currently 13th in the league with 34 points. If you look at the standings alone, it’s stable, but in terms of points, there is a risk of relegation. Currently, Nottingham Forest, in the 18th place in the relegation zone, has 27 points, only 7 points away from Wolverhampton. In the remaining league schedule, Neves gives the last gift of remaining for the team, and Neves also advances to a big club and is interested in whether it can win-win. 토토사이트

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