The Master of One Deal Support, Ryu Min-seok, ‘Keria’ “I won’t play in the support Twitch tournament again”

Min-seok Ryu of ‘Keria’ said goodbye to support Twitch.

On the 4th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ match between Nongshim and T1 was held.

On this day, T1 defeated Nongshim with a hot game that made them forget the defeat of Hanwha Life Insurance. In particular, in the case of the first set, Shingu “Keria” Min-seok Ryu’s ash play was impressive.

In an interview with Riot’s official broadcast after the match, he said, “Today’s match ended with a victory, but there were many things that were regrettable. Still, it’s good to win.”

Min-seok Ryu tied for first place with 400 POG points. In particular, POG 3 was taken to Ash. He passed the ball to his teammates, saying, “My teammates are very good, so I think Ash Pick stood out.”

Samira Van in the first set of T1 was impressive. Regarding this, Min-seok Ryu said, “When she picked Jerry, she thought she would grab champ. So she thought that if she bans Samira, she’ll be fine.”

T1 boldly pulled out the 2nd set support twitch. However, the result was defeat. Recalling the 2nd set, Ryu Min-seok confided, “We prepared a lot for the 2nd set because we were the red team. 토토사이트

In the current meta, one-deal champions often appear as supports. He said, “I’ve always thought, ‘What if the supporter gives the feeling of having one more laner?’, but the recent meta is like that. He did well in practice and tournaments. He appears frequently in the LPL and has a good win rate. In the future, as long as he doesn’t get ganked, he’s good enough. “he emphasized.

In addition, he pledged before Brion in the next game, “As Brion changed the support player, I felt that the bottom was good. He thinks he is good and must do well.”

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