“The moment I leave, the staff who will play volleyball… ” Heungkuk Life’s ‘Snowball’, Coach Ammon-players continue to endure

Heungkuk Life Insurance failed to appoint a new coach after dismissing former coach Kwon Soon-chan, and the burden on the existing coaching staff and players is increasing day by day.

Heungkuk Life Insurance has been playing the game as an acting supervisor system since the second half. Former head coach Lee Young-soo, who led the home game against GS Caltex on the 5th, expressed his resignation along with former coach Kwon after the game. From the away match against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea on the 8th, coach Kim Dae-gyeong has been acting as manager. The aftermath of the sack of former coach Kwon on the 2nd continues.

Initially, Heungkuk Life Insurance announced on the 6th that “Kim Ki-joong, director of Sunseon Girls’ High School, was appointed as the next command tower.” However, this was canceled due to coach Kim’s death. Heungkuk Life Insurance said, “For the time being, we plan to play the season under the system of acting manager Kim Dae-kyung.”

As Acting Kim took over the role of manager, Heungkuk Life Insurance had virtually only one coach, Choi Ji-wan, left. Acting Kim helps the players train before and after the game, and even plays a role as a coach. In response to the reporter’s question, “Do you feel the need to recruit coaches?” Acting Kim said, “I talked to the club about recruiting. However, given the current situation, it is difficult to guarantee whether the team atmosphere will improve even if an outsider comes. It is a matter that needs to be judged carefully.”

After former head coach Kwon and former head coach Lee left the team, attention was focused on the future of the existing coaches. Acting Kim said, “The moment I leave, there will be no staff left to play volleyball. I intend to stay for the players,” he said.

It is a series of days to endure. Acting Kim and his players struggled to maintain their performance without tactical confusion even in difficult situations. In a home game against Hyundai E&C on the 11th, Acting Kim directed a full-set close match by attaching Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena according to the tactics conceived together during the former coach Kwon. Acting Kim said, “I’ve never seen the bench, so I need a lot of conversation and there are difficulties, but I don’t want to damage the team.”

It is unknown how long the aftermath of Heungkuk Life Insurance’s dismissal of former manager Kwon will continue. Acting Kim is thinking of ways to overcome the difficulties. He said, “The company said they could help (regarding the recruitment of coaches), but they asked me to wait a little longer. After finding out, I’m going to talk about it enough,” he said. “The players are well aware that it is a difficult situation. We say to each other, ‘Let’s do well’. I told the club that I needed a manager as soon as possible. As of now, there is no other way. The season is over, the game must be played. I will do my best with the players,” 바카라

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