The rudeness of the Hanwha baseball team that brought on themselves by ‘turning away from caring fans’

Since the 15th, a truck protest has been in full swing in front of the Hanwha Group headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul. Hanwha Eagles fans were angry at the front of the baseball team. Hanwha fans have shown a generous and positive cheering culture regardless of the baseball team’s performance. That’s why it’s called a ‘caring fan’. Such Hanwha fans are outraged by pouring phrases criticizing the baseball team onto the truck’s LED sign. This is unusual.

It started with a recent greeting from the front desk. After the match against Samsung Lions in Daejeon on the 11th, Hanwha announced that it had fired manager Carlos Subero, who had been in charge since the 2021 season, and signed a formal contract (period of 3 years) with Choi Won-ho, the future team commander.

Hanwha fans are pinching the hard method and timing. Hanwha was at the bottom with 6 wins, 1 draw and 17 losses until April, but was on the rise with 4 wins (2 losses) in the first 6 games in May. He also won 4-0 against Samsung on the 11th, when the manager’s resignation was announced due to defense. Regarding the farewell notice delivered to the chief, and even the successor contract being immediately announced, the gaze of ‘rude’ was dominant.

It is known that the front leadership began appointing a new coach from mid-April, when the baseball team was only 20% winning rate. The time when the approval of the owner fell and the time when the baseball team was on the rise overlapped. The front desk couldn’t have waited for Subero to collapse in order to justify the greeting.
The public opinion of Hanwha fans toward coach Subero was not all good. However, a strong headwind is heading the front. Internally, I am perplexed by the airflow that exceeds expectations.

I don’t think the Hanwha fan’s outcry can be seen as just a matter of the way and timing of the breakup.

first accountability. After the 2020 season, Hanwha carried out a cleanup of team veteran players, giving legitimacy to the rebuilding trend. It was coach Subero who was recruited as the person in charge of leading it.

Hanwha ranked last (10th) in both the 2021 and 2022 seasons. However, the growth of young players such as Noh Si-hwan, Kim In-hwan, and Kim Ki-joong was remarkable. This was the task the Hanwha front desk entrusted to coach Subero. However, Hanwha, who claimed to be walking slowly, suddenly fired the manager 50 days after the start of the season (2023) because of poor performance. The front desk, which put the rebuilding keynote to the fore and made the past two years meaningless, did not take responsibility and just passed the responsibility on to the site 카지노사이트.

Did they gain confidence when they saw the rapid growth of the two top prospects Dong-ju Moon and Seo-hyun Kim? The Hanwha front desk suddenly changed the team motto to ‘win-now’. It is said that he ordered the new coach, ‘From next year, we must play winning baseball’. If that was the case, after last season (2022) was over, I should have ended my companionship with coach Subero.

The burden on new head coach Choi Won-ho will inevitably increase. He is under the misunderstanding of being a ‘front person’ and is receiving cold stares from some Hanwha fans. The fact that Hanwha general manager Son Hyuk and coach Choi are brothers and sisters also added to this antipathy.

Director Choi is known as a baseball player studying. He is also recognized as a popular leader. However, he has not yet been verified as an official director. However, a label called ‘director chosen to produce results’ was born. The pressure on the new manager has grown.

In the meantime, Hanwha, who has not been able to play baseball, has shown steps worthy of a popular team in terms of communication with fans and marketing. I think it would be a bigger misjudgment to believe that the fan spirit that turned around through victory can be reversed.

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