“There are many times when I’m shy” The KBO, which has collapsed defense, raises it to the ML-style defense award

The KBO League also has a defense award like the Major League Gold Glove. KBO announced on the 27th that it had decided to establish the KBO Defense Award (tentative name) to recognize the value of defense and promote improvement in league defense skills through the second board meeting.

The KBO league’s defensive deterioration is getting worse year after year. Last year, 1,130 errors were made in a total of 720 games in the regular season. Looking at the number of errors alone, it was the highest ever, and the average per game (1.57) was the highest in the 2000s. It was the year with the most errors in 26 years since 1996 (1.69).

Even in the big game of fall baseball, a feast for strong teams, the error party continued. In a total of 16 postseason games, he averaged 2.13 errors per game with 34 errors. Of the 16 games, there were only 2 games without an error, and the total of both teams had 4 errors in 3 games.

In 2012, the KBO League, which had the lowest error season ever with an average of 1.17 per game, fell into a league of errors in 10 years when the river and mountains changed once. As the 10-team system began in 2015 and changed to a long-term race of 144 games, the decline of the overall league level has been steadily pointed out.

The increase in errors is a representative indicator that shows the crisis of Korean baseball. It’s okay to fail 7 times in hitting, but in defense, even if you fail 1 time, it has a big impact on the game. Mistakes can happen at any time, but if they happen too often, it’s a skill, and it’s evaluated at the league level.

Coaches in the field all talk about the lack of basic skills. But even amateurs have something to say. Since the training time is extremely short due to the guarantee of student-athlete learning rights, it is an environment where all players have no choice but to focus on batting rather than defense. This is because scouts can easily stand out only when the hitting is good.

The culture of putting weight on hitting rather than defense is not unique to amateurs. A pro is no different. Kim Ha-seong (San Diego), who was a finalist for the Gold Glove in the Major League National League shortstop last year, also said, “In Korea, you have to hit well to be recognized. I felt that way too, but when I came to the United States, it was different to evaluate the field by dividing batting into batting and defense by defense.”

In Korea, even if you are good at defense, it is difficult to receive good treatment if you have a weak bat. They say that defense is important, but since hitting is what makes money, players increasingly neglect defense. This situation was seriously recognized in the baseball world. 바카라사이트

KBO President Heo Gu-yeon also greeted the new players at the rookie orientation last January and said, “There are often plays that make you want to play that kind of defense. As a baseball player, there are many times when I am embarrassed,” he said.

Likewise, in the baseball world, internal criticism and sense of crisis are increasing day by day over the deterioration of defensive power. Accordingly, KBO also created a separate defense award that is different from the Golden Glove given to the best player by position in terms of league development. The defense award, proposed by President Heo Gu-yeon from his days as a commentator, was finally enacted this year.

In the US Major League, there is a Gold Glove awarded to the best defenseman at each position. It is separate from the Silver Slugger given to the best hitter. A total of 20 players, 10 from each league, will be selected, including utility players who have been playing in various positions since last year. The awardees are selected by voting of 30 club managers and coaches, and their expertise and authority are recognized. Japan also has a Golden Glove Award, which evaluates only defense power separately from Best Nine.

KBO plans to finalize and announce the method of selecting defense award candidates and winners later at the executive committee. Attention is focusing on whether the KBO Official Defense Award, evaluated based on pure defense, will serve as a foundation for improving players’ awareness and improving Korean baseball’s defense in the future.

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