Thorough explanation of live casino house bonus | October 2020 version | Beginner’s guide

This time, I would like to give a thorough explanation of the bonus details of Live Casino House.
Live Casino House is a separate wallet
Live Casino House uses a separate wallet that manages cash and bonuses in separate wallets.
Deposit $ 100
and receive a 150% bonus of $150
In this case, the $100 deposit will be used first, and when the cash reaches 0, you will be able to bet with the bonus.
However, if you withdraw your cash winnings, the bonus will automatically be forfeited.
The advantage of the separate type is that it is easy to calculate the withdrawal conditions and that the bonus can be used as insurance.
The wagering requirement for Live Casino House bonuses is 40 times the bonus amount.
eh? Isn’t this tough? You may think, but as expected, it is a live casino house!
In fact, live casino house bonuses have no bet limits or prohibited games.
So the bonus withdrawal conditions at the live casino house are easier than you might imagine \(^o^)/
What is the bonus bet reflection rate?
When betting using a Live Casino House bonus, not all 100% of the bet amount counts towards the wagering requirements.
This is the same for the casino sites there.
but! The reflection rate of the live casino house is relatively high and profitable.
100% Slots/Video Slots
40% Oasis Poker
40% Pontoon
40% Punto Banco
40% Caribbean Poker
15% Video Poker (All Types)
15% Blackjack (All Types)
15% Roulette (All Types)
15% Baccarat (All Types)
15% Instant Game
Prohibited Games There is no bonus, so you can play all games with bonuses!

Live casino house bonuses have good conditions, so please try playing.
Now you can play for free just by registering at Onkaji Town!

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