Undefeated streak continues in 2R… Zenji sweeps a shaky T1

The second round of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split Regular Season was held at Jonggak Roll Park on August 8, with T1 and Genji Esports facing off. As a result, Genji Esports defeated T1 2:0 and continued their 10-game winning streak.

The first set was a tale of two halves. First, Kim “Phase” Soo-hwan and Yoo “Delight” Hwan-joong calmly took their opponents’ bottom dive and caught Moon “Owner” Hyun-jun’s Lee Sin on the reverse side. In the mid, Yoon “Pobi” Seong-won looked for a solo kill, but was hit by a tower, allowing Jung “Chobi” Jeong-hoon to take the kill. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho defied death to take the Herald of the Gorge, and on the tower, Choi “Doran” Hyun-jun’s Renekton held the line.

Taking the initiative in the front lane, Genji Esports rolled a snowball. In the third dragon timing hantas, they won big with a perfect ultimate initiation from ‘Chobi’ Nico. After picking off the opponent’s design targeting Nico and cutting through the mid-jungle, Genji Esports secured the 20-minutes Hatbaron. The global gold gap grew exponentially, and Genji Esports took game one with a huge 21:1 kill score.

In game two, T1 came out strong. They tried to set a different tone from the previous set by scoring steadily in the mid lane, centered on ‘Owner’ Bye, while ‘Chobi’ Annie recorded four kills. However, Jax from ‘Doran’ was able to advance with the support of his allies, and Jaya from ‘Phase’ Kim “KimSooHwan” Kim remained deathless. Focused on growth, Peanut’s Kha’zix widened the CS gap between the jungles to over 50.

The side initiative belonged to Genji Esports. T1 took aim at the lone Jax, but Kha’zix and Annie, who arrived while Jax was turning off his secondary clock, picked off both of T1’s commandos. To make matters worse for T1, Bai, who had a bounty on his head, allowed Jax to pick up a solo kill in front of Baron. Genji Esports took the Baron as loot, and T1 quickly fell apart. Advancing into the enemy lane, Genji Esports took the one-hit wonder and ended the game 메이저놀이터순위.

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