Under ‘Bull’ Dog

Kwangdong Freecs finally managed to win their first win of the season by beating kt Rolster with cool performance. In the meantime, it was a bad atmosphere with repeated losses, so winning was important, but of course, the performance was excellent.

The problem of the Guangdong Freecs, which has been revealed through interviews with losers, is not simply a matter of skill, but that they are too frozen in the competition. Coach Dae-ho Kim once said, “I’m too cautious and intimidated in the competition. I kept emphasizing this part, but it’s not a matter of knowing theoretically, it takes time.”

If I had to choose a medallion for Seungri, it would be ‘Bulldog’ Lee Tae-young. Coach Dae-ho Kim spoke of “Bulldog” as a player who always showed good performances even in losing games. And he showed off a noticeable presence in today’s victory.

In the first set of the day, Viktor showed the essence of AP carry, and in the second set, he responded with Tristana against Kassadin of ‘Bidi Dee’, blocking Kassadin’s growth from the beginning and leading the lane match. A good team is always accompanied by a good mid. Currently, the momentum of ‘Bulldog’ is fierce, and like the nickname, once biting the opponent, he will not miss the game. 토토사이트

In the interview after the game, coach Dae-ho Kim did not spare praise for ‘Bulldog’. Manager Kim Dae-ho said, “‘Bulldog’ has been playing the way I want since the previous games. Thank you for understanding the play concept and showing it well in the tournament. If I sleep a lot, I doubt what I’m doing, but without that, I trust each other. And he won with a great performance, so great.”

Certainly, Guangdong Freecs is reviving around ‘Bulldog’. The rookie ‘Bulldog’, who just debuted in the LCK, which is lined with outstanding midfielders, is doing better than expected. Guangdong Freecs’ next match is against Dplus Kia on the 5th (Sunday). It will not be an easy match, but with the performance shown today, there seems to be a good chance of winning.

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