Will the day come when Hanwha will smile, the foreign director promised “No matter what external pressure…”

When Hanwha Eagles coach Carlos Subero took the helm of the team in 2021, the goal was clear.

At the end of 2020, Hanwha organized a large number of veteran players and started rebuilding the entire team. And the director I found was Subero. Hanwha has concluded that coach Subero, who has worked both as a major league coach and a minor league coach, is the best for nurturing young players.

Coach Subero has been rebuilding for two years, injecting energy into young players. And this year, Hanwha is greedy for ‘visible results’, that is, grades through FA recruiting and trade. However, until the 3rd of this month, it is still at the bottom of the league with 7 wins, 1 draw and 18 losses (0.280 win rate).

Is Subero also under a lot of pressure because the way he looks at the team has changed from last year? Head coach Subero, who met with reporters ahead of the game against Doosan in Jamsil on the 3rd, was asked about Hanwha’s final performance this year, “The goal of any team in the major leagues is to win. The Pittsburgh Pirates, for example, is a team that has been in last place, but since they are faithful to the process, they will be able to come all year round.” We’re having a good season,” he said.

Coach Subero said, “You can’t be positive when people live. You have to face reality and look at it realistically. The same is true in baseball. Historically, Hanwha is a team that is more accustomed to losing than winning. Playing baseball in an environment where losing is inevitable. I’ve been doing it. One thing I can promise is that I’m stronger and more cohesive than before, and 메이저놀이터 I’m showing good performance.”

Coach Subero said, “I will give the players realistic advice about the previous day’s game rather than catching a cloud, regardless of any external pressure. I can guarantee that Hanwha will also go to a team that plays long-term winning baseball. It is a painful and painful path, but one day We can become a team that players and their families can laugh at,” he raised his voice.

“I don’t know if I will be there or not at that time. There are people who reap fruits and people who plant seeds in everything, but I will not stop planting seeds. I will be faithful to tomorrow, which may end. This year will be a better season than the last two seasons. will be sent,” he added.

No one knows when the ‘smiley future’ of Hanwha, which coach Subero is confident about, will be. However, only when the results come out little by little in the fourth year of rebuilding will you know if you are going the right way, but you can’t get even a little hint, so the frustration is growing. Can Subero and his children prove that they are on the right track this year?

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