Won-jun “White Bear” Choi defeats Jun-seo “Yacha” Choi after 15 minutes of hard-fought action

Won Joon “White Bear” Choi has been crowned the inaugural Black Combat middleweight champion after defeating the fearsome Yacha “Yacha” Choi.

Choi wrapped the championship belt around his waist after winning a 2-0 decision at the end of the third round in their middleweight title bout at BLACK COMBAT 7 CIVIL WAR at KINTEX 2 Exhibition Center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do on April 22.

Won Jun Choi was taken down in the first round by a stinging left hand punch from Jun Seo Choi. Any more ground and pound and he was in danger of losing the fight.

This is where the veteran’s operational skills came in. He tied Choi up in the clinch and bided his time to recover.

His one-two straight was long and sharp. There were many moments when Choi flinched, but he took the punches with focus. He mixed in some wrestling to break up Choi’s momentum.

Both fighters gave it their all, and for the entire third round, they had the crowd on their feet with their back-and-forth exchanges.

At the end of the 15 minute fight, it was a split decision in favor of Wonjun Choi. Two judges gave Choi the edge.

After winning the title for the first time in his nine-year professional career, Choi Won-jun broke down in tears.

It was an operational victory. “I thought I had avoided it, but I was lying down. I tried to recover. I was able to endure because of coach Cha Jeong-hwan and my teammates who filled in the gaps.” 토토사이트

Choi Won-jun, who will represent the team against Japan’s DEEP, said, “I will fill in the gaps and go.”

After the loss, Choi Jun-seo said, “I think the loss is too bitter. It’s just the beginning. I will think about how to accept this defeat and how to grow. I’ll try to figure out how to beat Choi Won-joon from the moment I get better,” he sobbed.

“I enjoyed the match. I had fun during the fight. It’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed a fight from start to finish,” he said, drawing applause from the crowd.

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