“Wow! That’s right!” Lee Dong-jun dreams of becoming a new owner on the Jeonbuk side with ‘Breakthrough of Fantasy’

Lee Dong-joon, who newly joined Jeonbuk Hyundai, performed well in the practice game. He knew exactly what role he was given, played, and emerged as a new weapon for Jeonbuk, who is currently in consultation.

Jeonbuk Hyundai has been conducting winter training for the 2023 season in Spain since last month. Following Barcelona, ​​he moved to Marbella and is undergoing intense tempering.

Lee Dong-jun, who joined Jeonbuk on the stage in Germany, said, “The atmosphere is really good. Everyone is full of confidence when he comes out to the training ground. I think I know why Jeonbuk won a lot,” he said. “I was young in Busan, so I tried my best to follow the seniors. I learned a lot in Ulsan too. Since I came to Jeonbuk, I think the atmosphere where I can focus on sports is perfect. Not only the facilities, but the environment is really good compared to other clubs.”

“I have been with good players, but in Jeonbuk, all the players seem to be full of confidence. Players don’t hesitate to do what they do well. There is no pressure and I work hard,” he said.

Regarding the sudden return and adaptation to the team, Lee Dong-jun said, “I’m not worried because there are many players my age. It is true that it is difficult to join a new team, but I have many friends. I don’t worry because I have a lot of friends born in 1997. I’m playing with players I’ve been close to since childhood,” he said. Lee Dong-joon also spends time with Baek Seung-ho, Jeong Tae-wook, and Kim Gun-woong during breaks.

He also said, “The seniors are also outstanding people. It’s not just young players, everyone is working hard together,” he said. “If you are a player, the burden is inevitable. He also knows that he is being expected. I will get help from many people, but if we go through the season together, we can make good results. I will try to make good results in the season,” he said.

Lee Dong-jun is positioned as Jeonbuk’s new weapon. He showed off his sensuous ball control in a North American Professional Soccer (MLS) match against FC Dallas. This is the play Jeonbuk wanted.

Lee Dong-jun, who met Ulsan in the opening game, said, “We will play an away game in Ulsan. What matters is our performance this season. We should applaud the Ulsan players in the opening match. I want to get applause for making good results this season. I am preparing to run for Jeonbuk. I am only thinking about Jeonbuk’s victory,” he said.

Lee Dong-joon, who did not achieve results after advancing to Germany, said, “I played the game in a situation where I did not have proper training. His physical condition was not perfect, and even the manager was changed for 3 minutes. He had difficulty speaking the language. He thought of course he could have held out longer if he had the time but due to various problems he returned to the country. He is only thinking about growing as a player,” he said.

He also said, “Jeonbuk is the best club in Asia. I want to lift many trophies. Because I know well what I have to do in Jeonbuk, I have to make results. In the end, if I make results, good things can happen to me too,” he explained.

Regarding Jeonbuk, Lee Dong-jun said, “I always thought it was a team that needed to win. He heard that if they do not win, it is a team with a lot of pressure. Looking at the player composition, he first thought of it as a big club. I think that the goal of the club is clear and it is a team that creates results. Even though it was a short time, I think I know why he often wins.” 토토사이트

The reason why I chose Jeonbuk is because I am grateful. He said, “The coach and the club reached out to me when it was really difficult. He also encouraged me when I was struggling in Germany. He said that even the director said ‘It’s good’. I want to meet you soon because I have high expectations.”

On the other hand, regarding his relationship with committee member Park Ji-sung, “I came to Germany and had many conversations. He also gave me a lot of advice. For example, he told me not to go to the second division and to build more body in Korea and prepare thoroughly.” “It can be a burden because I came with great expectations. However, I will do my best not to live up to expectations.

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