Yang Hee-jong in ‘Ginseng Shinki Season 1’ “I wish I had reversed my retirement”

The main players of Anyang KGC, who have outstanding skills and a solid fan base, are called ‘Ginseng Shingi’. The members of this season will be about 3 when divided by the number of jockeys. 먹튀검증

Captain Yang Hee-jong, who had been active with Oh Se-geun from ‘Ginseng Shinki Season 1’ to the present, announced his retirement. Yang Hee-jong will challenge to win the 4th championship match in KGC history in the 2022-2023 season, and is planning leadership training after his retirement.

Numerous stars have been with Yang Hee-jong, but among them, the ones who left the most intense impression on KGC fans must have been ‘Ginseng Shinki 1st Season’. Taesul Kim, who is actively working as a broadcaster after retiring first among ‘Ginseng Shinki Season 1′, and ’87 Trio’, who are still actively working, heard about their memories with Yang Hee-jong. What kind of existence was Yang Hee-jong to ‘Ginseng Shingi 1st’?

How I felt when I heard the news of retirement
Kim Tae-sul : As soon as I saw the article, I called right away. It was so sudden. His retirement was completely unexpected as he still had a lot of time left on his contract. Just looking at my physical condition, I don’t see any reason to retire right away… . Of course, I think he made his decision after thinking a lot on his own. He said that he decided to retire after building a good career as much as he worked hard, and he said that he had worked hard, but it is still regrettable. In fact, I wish I could reverse my retirement (laughs).
Oh Se-geun: I haven’t heard anything about retirement directly. I was also surprised when I saw the article. When (Yang) Hee-jong asked hyung why he didn’t say anything, he said that the atmosphere was nice, but how do you say it? So it was even more surprising.
Lee Jung-hyun : Actually, Hee-jong hyung secretly told me in advance. I thought he was just saying it, but when it was announced, I couldn’t believe it. Looking at the article, it seems that I was really worried. The team’s performance is good and I’m showing a good figure, but it’s a pity that the retirement announcement was announced. I could still do more, but there were traces of worrying a lot.
Park Chan-hee : I was thinking that I would retire someday because I was not young, but I did not know that he would make a sudden decision during the season. He was the older brother who started his pro career together. After (Kim) Taesul and Heejong retired one by one, I thought a lot.

The most memorable match
Kim Tae-sul : The time when I won the 2011-2012 season championship match was the most memorable. Heejong made the last shot, and I connected it. Originally, it was not a pattern in which Heejong threw a shot. It would have been like receiving a bomb from Hee-jong’s point of view, but he finished it well. Thanks to that, I was able to wear a championship ring too.
Oh Se-geun : It is difficult to pick just one game. The last game of the 2011-2012 season and the 2016-2017 season championship game is memorable. I have good memories of winning, and I think it means more because Heejong and his brother and I played together.
Lee Jung-hyun : The 6th game of the 2016-2017 season championship match against Seoul Samsung is the most memorable. At that time, I think Hee-jong played basketball like an older brother. The team was very difficult, but as the captain, he held the center well. Thanks to that, I was able to win even when I was inferior. And it feels even more special because it was the last game I played on the same team as me.
Park Chan-hee : This is the game we won in the 2011-2012 season championship match. Hee-jong’s last 45-degree bank shot by his brother is the most memorable. Watching the ball fly, it felt as if a slow had been hung. I have no memory for 10 seconds after entering. When I came to my senses, I was lying on the floor with (Oh) Se-geun (laughs).

What kind of existence are you when you are a colleague?
Kim Tae-sul : I was always reassured. Needless to say, the defense helped the guards move comfortably by doing the dirty work. He was also good at physical fights such as the screen. More than anything, it was reassuring to run together. It’s a pity that he’s still such an influential player. He was a player who gave his teammates a sense of mental stability just by being on the bench, not necessarily playing on the court.
Oh Se-geun : As the captain of the team for a long time, he played a good role in the middle between the coaching staff and the players. For the players, it was a mental support outside of the game. He was always there to help and sometimes whipped me. I played together longer than anyone else, so I was grateful to be able to run together for a long time.
Lee Jung-hyun : He is like a big brother. The word captain suited him the most, and he was a spiritual supporter. He really took a lot of will. Even if he went to another team, if something happened he would ask for advice. He is the older brother who had a lot of human will.
Park Chan-hee : He was a senior who was very good to seniors and approached juniors first. I called as soon as I heard of his retirement. He said that it was a pity that the older brothers who started with him retired one by one, but he had a hard time.

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