“You can’t treat Liverpool that way!”… The star who sniped Liverpool ‘fans’, what happened?

Liverpool star John Barnes, who played for Liverpool from 1987 to 1997 and experienced a total of eight championships, sniped Liverpool fans. What happened?

It is because of Jude Bellingham (Dortmund). The possibility of Bellingham’s move to Liverpool this summer has been steadily raised, but recently Liverpool have clearly drawn the line. Local media reported in unison that Liverpool had given up on signing Bellingham. Because the price is too high.

Then, some Liverpool fans, who had high expectations for signing Bellingham, began to criticize the Liverpool club and its leadership. Barnes stepped in.

He told Britain’s ‘BonusCodeBets’: “Fans shouldn’t treat the club that way. They shouldn’t put Bellingham ahead of Liverpool. Liverpool fans shouldn’t be too upset if Liverpool miss Bellingham. “If you’re like that, you don’t deserve to be a Liverpool fan. If you’re a fan like that, you’d better not support Liverpool.” 메이저놀이터

“Liverpool fans must support Liverpool no matter what, and they must support the players who want to come to Liverpool. If Bellingham goes to a club other than Liverpool, Liverpool fans will prioritize Liverpool over Bellingham.” It has to be done. A player cannot get ahead of the club,” he added.

Finally, Barnes said: “There are a lot of clubs that spend more money than Liverpool right now, so Liverpool can’t do much. But the owners of Liverpool have consistently made appropriate investments over the past five or six years. Liverpool are doing well. Successful times. “Liverpool fans should not turn their backs on the owner and what the club is trying to do.”

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